Mission Statement

Driven by innovation, customer satisfaction and faith, our dedication and core values have made us into Southern Alberta's leading fiberglass product manufacturer. The quality in our fabrication techniques has allowed us to show great diversity in many different applications of long lasting product use.

Core Values

With more than 40 years of experience, the Fiberglass Shoppe has worked on projects of all shapes and sizes. Working with fiberglass takes immense attention to detail and a highly trained and talented team. With almost half a century of experience in our industry, we take pride in being a professional family oriented business that has these core values at the heart of every project: 

A Little History

Beginning as a Saskatchewan farm boy, Raymond Wagner moved to Alberta in hopes of starting a family and finding a decent job. He was introduced to the fiberglass industry in 1971, when it was at the lowest level. Here he designed and built boats for Glascon. With lots of passion for this work, in 1981, Raymond went on his own to start a business call Fibercater, building tanks and boler trailers. This new start was well received by the market, which allowed Raymond to expand. The Fiberglass Shoppe is now a division of Fibercater, which is now ran by three third generation brothers, who are walking in Raymond’s footsteps.